A Remarkable Recovery



Something happened a few weeks ago that made me want to pause, take stock and reconsider how I do what I do best. And while I was pausing, the complete opposite situation happened and totally blew me away.

Let me explain.

How is it, I asked myself, that some people are so determined to bring an end to their suffering that they are willing and eager to consider any new scientific developments that are proving effective, while others would rather hold on to their outdated beliefs and actually choose to die in the care of their traditional healthcare providers rather than try new methods and technologies “they don’t believe in”. Even when they are in excruciating pain. Even when their health care providers tell them there is nothing they can do for them.

The two couldn’t be more strikingly apart.

Let’s start with those who stick to their beliefs.

A man came to me in late May asking if I can help his beloved wife who has become so ill and is suffering such unbearable pain that she has tried to commit suicide three times already. He spends all his time taking her to a slew of doctors, specialists and hospitals who either tell him there is nothing they can do for her or fill her up with yet more powerful drugs that are making her worse. So certain is he that his doctors can save her that he hasn’t looked at any of the potential solutions to her suffering that I have offered him.


My heart goes out to this poor woman whose next suicide attempt may well succeed, and to all others who suffer horribly because of the choices they or their care providers make on their behalf.

I see it all the time, and it makes me cross. You’d think we’d know better in our day and age.

How do you help someone make better decisions that can so profoundly affect their health and their life when they steadfastly refuse to try anything but the very things that have failed them consistently for weeks, months, years?

I became the Brain Reprogramming Doctor that I am today because I was born with a very debilitating disease that the medicos of the day told me and my parents I would have to live with for the rest of my life, and I refused to believe it. And wonder of wonders, I discovered that if I could not defeat the disease completely because of its genetic component, I could train my brain to keep it under control and never let it flare up, and to live a normal pain-free life until I die.

Let’s talk about the contrarians.

Those are the ones who don’t let anything stand in their way of living a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

They are the ones who are willing to look at alternatives when the standard modalities are just not working.


In mid-April, a 34-year-old man came to see me. He had been acting strangely since he was 10, aware that he was not in control of his feelings or his actions and getting into all sorts of trouble, eventually getting into drugs, stealing, prison, dangerous accidents, TBI, etc., all the while wondering what was making him behave that way.

When I first met him, I figured his brain was in hypervigilance mode and he could not turn it off. He was stuck like a wriggling worm on a fishing hook and was acting out in his frustration to get away from himself.

We had two sessions together over the next two days during which we loaded his brain with beneficial photons and electrons and taught him some simple practical techniques to reprogram his brain while he slept.

Upon returning home, he found himself completely turned around. He wrote saying he felt like something had snapped inside his brain, like an elastic band that had been wound up so tightly for so long and just snapped, freeing him from the “voices” in his head that had been driving him crazy for 20 years, and giving him a new lease on life.

He came to see me again in mid-August a totally changed man. He had spent the previous weeks dusting off every cobweb from every corner of his brain, getting rid of the toxic people in his life, “rearranging the furniture in his head”, making plans for his immediate and long term future and setting to work.

I have experienced these phenomenal transformations in some people I have worked with over the years (they don’t come along every day but they are not unusual) so I was not exactly surprised but his family and close friends were astounded. This was the amazing person they always knew was trying to get out.

Here is the lovely note I received from his mother.

“Hi Cliff,

You asked Kieran for a few paragraphs and I thought you might like a few from me, from my perspective.


Kieran started behaving “differently” aged 10. There had been some difficult life events around this time, and he seemed to become distant with outbursts of extreme anger. He could not manage his emotions when disappointed and his self-esteem was diminished.

This was not a passing phase, it grew.
He became impulsive and drawn to excitement like a moth to a flame.
Then self-medication began, and that grew.
Each episode boosted his self-esteem for a moment before he crashed again.
At times, he was aggressive, unpredictable and impatient, and always unreliable.
He put himself and those around him at risk.
Each time he ended up in prison, he responded. He responded to the strict boundaries and rules. But outside of prison he could not manage.

He could not focus on small problems or figure out solutions.
He found the world so difficult to navigate.
He couldn’t pay bills on time, he drove cars with no license or insurance, he hurt everyone who loved him and he self-harmed on every level.
He had no joy. He could not experience happiness.
He hated himself and wanted to die almost weekly.
Over a period of 20 years he had witnessed and experienced so much trauma that he appeared to be suffocating underneath the heavy layers.
He looked so twisted up. Maybe this was an indication of what was happening in his brain.

It felt like he had been hijacked.
And he always wanted it to change.
He desperately wanted to feel normal, to behave like the unique individual he knew he was, and to experience happiness.



The results of your treatment have lifted the layers and revealed the artistic, creative, funny, able and sociable person that was hidden away.
Kieran is reading again, socializing, paying bills!
He has found joy in the most peaceful way and stands taller.
His physiology has changed, and in turn, he is more approachable, so is finding positive connections with others.
He is able to negotiate without using aggression.
He is able to focus.
He is able to find solutions to challenges.
And he is able to follow through. He is reliable!
He is free.
It is like something untwisted and allowed breath through his brain.

We (me, his son, his brothers and sister) are forever thankful.
I will be eternally grateful for the return of my son.


I have written a Case Study on this Remarkable Recovery and I would be happy to send you a copy of it.

None of us are stuck.

These are the moments that motivate me to continue to research, test and apply any new proven scientific developments that lead to the betterment of our physical and mental ills and save lives and defeat misery and help us enjoy the life we were meant to enjoy.

There is no merit in misery.

You know where to find me … I’ll be the one sitting in the front wearing a red cap with a fine glass of local beer in my hand and a big smile on my face 😎


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