How to Rewire your Brain using Neuroplasticity

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is a massively important scientific idea that is rapidly being discovered and understood by people everywhere. It is also known as Brain Plasticity or Brain Elasticity. It refers to the ability of our brains to reorganize themselves by making new neural connections and disconnections throughout life. Neuroplasticity is the science upon which our work in Brain Reprogramming or “Rewiring” is based.

Surprisingly, we have known of Neuroplasticity for decades, yet only in the last forty years or so have we reconsidered that our brains are not “fixed”, that they are in fact elastic, malleable, and that we can shape our every thought, action and feeling to create the life we yearn for. This notion contrasted with the previous scientific consensus that the brain develops during a critical period in early childhood, then remains relatively unchangeable and stuck thereafter.

Thanks to the vast amount of scientific research and clinical studies that were initiated by this resurgence in popularity of the science of Neuroplasticity, we now know with absolute certainty that the brain is not stuck, and that means YOU are not stuck. Your mind can continue to develop throughout your life.

How does the brain actually reprogram itself?

Every moment of our lives, our brain’s neurons are constantly making new connections, strengthening old connections or weakening existing connections. The pattern of firing of our neurons gives us our experience of the world. It can also unfortunately run unhelpful behaviour patterns for many years on ‘automatic’, something we have all experienced with difficult, hard to break, bad habits.

When you reprogram your brain, you interrupt the autonomic neuronal patterns that are no longer relevant to your life today, and you set up new connections and patterns to provide the successful results you are looking for.

The brain loves to solve problems and achieve goals.  Once a difficult problem has been solved, the brain releases highly pleasurable endorphins, which encourages the brain to repeat the behaviour, strengthen the new connections and weaken the less useful old ones until they disconnect altogether from lack of use.

Ask yourself, if you knew how to reprogram your brain, where would you start? With your intellectual development? What about achieving peak mental performance and concentration? If you are a more spiritual person, would you perhaps focus on achieving an awakened mind?

Would you like to learn a very simple neuroplastic brain reprogramming technique to help you get started?

It’s called The Eye Roll Technique. You can watch me teach you the Eye-Roll technique here and then you can practice it yourself.

One of the very first things you learn when you take our Brain Stimulation Program is to start a conversation and cultivate a relationship with that magnificent instrument that is creating your experience of living right now, this very moment: your Brain.

Here is how the Eye Roll Technique is done:

  1. Lie down or sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Take three very deep breaths and let the air out really slowly. Pay close attention to the calming relaxation response at the end of every breath.
  3. Close your eyes and, with your eyelids closed, just roll your eyes up to the top of your head until you feel a little bit of eyestrain.
  4. Relax your eyes and keep your eyes closed.
  5. Say “Hello” to your brain. Just relax and wait.

You have just learned how to communicate directly with your brain. Some people get an immediate response when they do this exercise. They immediately hear or sense someone saying “Hello” back to them. For others, it takes a little longer to get an identifiable signal.

It’s very powerful because you can use it to begin to instruct your brain to produce any desired result. As you get ready to go to bed tonight, just recall watching my video and practice the Eye Roll Technique, and then start to wonder about what you would really like to change or make happen in your life so that when your head hits the pillow, it will be a signal to your brain to start the process of rewiring itself to produce the desired result while you sleep.

In the morning or sometime during the day, don’t be too surprised if your brain astounds you with some interesting, useful and valuable insights that you can use right away. When you notice these insights, thank your brain. Actually say “Thank you” to your brain. This will produce a flood of endorphins that will reinforce this beneficial pattern. Enjoy them.

There is much more for you to learn about your brain but you have now taken a big step. You have learned how to communicate directly with your brain, which of course, is YOU.

Change your brain ~ Change your life