Reprogram your brain rapidly and permanently
to achieve your professional goals

Are you interested in learning more about how Neuroplasticity, the science of reprogramming the brain, can help you improve the way you learn, perform and succeed in your professional life?

You’ve come to the right place.  This section will be of interest to:

  1. The professional who is doing well and looking for ways to accelerate their learning curve, improve their memory, develop better people skills, turn stress and pressure into enablers, challenge their boundaries, set impossible goals and be recognized and rewarded for their outstanding achievements.
  2. The professional who is struggling either a bit or a lot, knows they can achieve much more and wants to turn things around quickly and effectively to get their career or academic aspirations back on track.
  3. The Manager/Leader or HR Director who is looking for ways to improve their team’s performance and results without the high cost and slow implementation process of conventional training methods.

1. “I am doing well and I want more”

If you are saying to yourself “I am doing well and I want to do even better”, then it is very likely you understand the concept of reaching beyond ‘better than well’ and becoming amazing.

How much more do you want?  How BIG is big for you personally?  

When we work with organizations, we routinely help them achieve a 400% performance improvement by teaching them how to rewire their strategic thinking.  The same principles at work in reprogramming the organizational brain apply to the brain of each individual who makes up that organization.

To help you imagine the difference that a 400% improvement would produce in your life, simply pick your most important personal KPI, the Key Performance Indicator by which you measure yourself, and multiply it by four.  Do it now.  Close your eyes and ask yourself “what would four times what I am currently achieving be like?”

These are the most important five seconds you will spend this year.

What did you get?  More money?  A better position?  More power? Respect and recognition?  Bigger house?  International travel?  More time for yourself and your family?  Running a marathon?  Better academic grades?  Increased self-confidence?  Superior relationship skills?  More success as an entrepreneur?  Schmoozing and rubbing elbows with the High Priced Help?  Being part of that Elite class?  Whatever you got, write it down.

Would you like to know how to improve your current results by 400%?  It’s easier than you think.  And it requires way less effort or practise or training than you could ever imagine.  It is not only possible but realistically achievable with just a bit of tweaking of the way your brain handles challenges or problems and their resolution.

If you would like to see how this work in practice, please read some of our Success Stories.

I teach people how to do that on a daily basis, and with spectacular results.  Give me a call and let’s see how reprogramming your brain can help you realize those 400% improvements in your professional and personal life.

Change your brain ~ Change your life


2. “I am not doing so well and I need help”

Do any of the following situations seem familiar?

  • Do you wish that life at work could be different?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you absolutely know that you could do better, if only …
  • Do you feel you are you being paid what you are truly worth?
  • Do you wish you could boost your memory so you could shorten your learning curve and process more information faster?
  • Are you perhaps so stressed that you can’t see your way ahead?
  • Could you use a break and rethink where your career is headed?
  • Would a renewed sense of calm, passion and motivation help you be more successful and fulfilled?
  • Could you do with more joy and laughter in your personal and professional life?
  • Does the idea of reprogramming your brain to achieve your goals and overcome challenges appeal to you?

If any of these questions resonate with you, you may be amazed at the ease and rapidity with which you can reprogram your own brain to improve the way you think, act and feel forever.  We are all wired for success, so why not use the equipment we have been given – our very own brains – to achieve the results that matter to us personally.

Would you believe it if I told you that you can do it while you sleep?

It is not a gimmick.  Neuroscience has discovered that we don't have to try, or practice, or rehearse, or take training, or remember to apply the learning, or anything else that requires conscious effort.  Our brain is so smart, it can do it all for us on automatic without having to try.  It already knows how to replace unhelpful behaviours with beneficial ones rapidly.  Thanks to the advancement of Neuroscience, we now have ways of making permanent beneficial changes in the way we think, act and feel practically overnight, while we sleep.

All of us have accumulated over the years of our lives a number of unhelpful behaviour patterns that affect our health, our happiness and our success, often in very significant ways.  Behaviours that we can't seem to be able to get rid of, no matter how painful or damaging they are, or how hard we try.

Most of us put up with what we have come to consider "normal" in the work environment.  Things like politics, posturing, backstabbing and infighting, endless meetings, pointless change initiatives, decision gridlock, wheel spinning, unclear goals, lack of support and recognition.  I have seen it all throughout my long career as an employee, an employer and an entrepreneur.

These seemingly insoluble challenges and obstacles have a significant impact on employees and entrepreneurs alike.  It affects everything: their physical and emotional health, their poise and self-confidence, their attitude, the respect they have for their peers and superiors, their very ability and desire to perform their work at their peak and to deliver the results that are expected of them.  

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We all know that changing our response to these negative stimuli can drastically alter our reality.  Everyone can achieve their full potential by changing how they think, act and feel.

How, then, do you retrain your brain to achieve peak performance, feel successful and reap the rewards of your hard work rapidly and permanently, even under the worst of circumstances?

Whether we work with entrepreneurs, or with companies that employ tens of thousands of individuals, or with the individuals themselves in their personal or professional lives, we offer them very simple concepts to illustrate how big their brain actually is, how their brain works, how information is stored, how old information can be rapidly updated, how the two sides of the brain can harvest data and ideas from one another during the sleep cycle, and much more.  Then we get them to practice some simple exercises to enable their brain to rewire itself to install the "new improved" patterns while they sleep every night.

If you would like to see how this work in practice, please read some of our Success Stories.

We live at a time when Neuroscience provides the means to make change stick and to yield permanent and immediate results while we sleep.  Isn’t that absolutely extraordinary?  Can you think of anything easier, faster and more effective to help you get what you want out of life?

If these ideas intrigue you and you want to move into the ‘How BIG is Big’ Class, send me a note or give me a call.  It’s a lot easier than you think.

Change your brain ~ Change your life


3. “I want to improve my team’s performance”

If you are a leader within an organization, a VP perhaps, or a Human Resources Professional, the ideas I have offered here may well transform the results you have historically achieved using conventional training methods.

We specialize in reprogramming the organizational brain, one brain at a time, rapidly and permanently.  Let me show you how.

If the idea of substantially and permanently improving the way you think, act and feel excites you, please send me a quick message and I will respond within the next 24 business hours.