Rewiring the Brain to deal with Trauma

Sometimes we are miserable, or not at our best, because of the way information flows around our brain, properly ~ or not. Information bottlenecks in our brain can cause all sorts of trouble ~ depression ~ anger ~ anxiety ~ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ~ ADD ~ ADHD ~ OCD ~ right through the whole alphabet soup of modern mental health complaints.

There are lots of causes that can disrupt healthy brain information flow. A nasty unresolved concussion or brain trauma can do it. Some fevers can do it. It can be congenital. Diet can be a factor. So many factors to consider and sometimes we may never know.

Where do you start?

If you haven’t already done so, a good place to start may be to get a Brain Map done with a Quantitative Electro EncephatoGrapm, qEEG.  Sounds like a mouthful but it’s straightforward enough.

I first learned about EEGs when I was taking my Masters in Psychology way back in 1972ish, in the early days of Brain Reprogramming and the Mind Power programs we see around us today.

It was a very tough degree and part of the program was for us students to conduct an EEG clinic at the local hospital. You glued electrodes over the top of a client’s head in a special pattern and then connected the wires to a clever printer which produced lots of wiggly lines, each line showing the output from each electrode. We had to be able to read the wiggly lines to get our degree! It helped that my first degree had been in Electrical Engineering. Nowadays the electrodes are connected to a computer.

Thousands of these EEG measurements have been recorded from unhealthy and healthy brains over the decades, so we scientists have got a good idea of how information should be ideally flowing. With me so far?

It is possible to compare your EEG to a large database and see if there are hot spots or cold spots in the information flow. That’s the QUANTATIVE bit ~ the qEEG Brain Map.

What can you achieve with a qEEG Brain Map?

Lots. You can use it to guide your own brain rewiring or mind development and use your own innate Neuroplasticity to reprogram your brain.

Here’s a good example of how Brain Reprogramming can reawaken the parts of the brain that were injured by a concussion or trauma.

When Linda was in her late thirties, she and her girlfriend were in a dreadful car accident. Her friend very nearly died and Linda was hit on the head and she was very badly hurt. Because her friend’s injuries were more serious than hers, Linda did not get the attention that she needed and when her physical wounds had healed, she was discharged and everyone thought she was all better.

Over the years, she began to notice that she was falling asleep during her client interviews, experiencing memory loss, developing a tremor and feeling very depressed. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s but her symptoms didn’t look typical. When I started working with her, I suspected that she had an unhealed concussion. A traumatic brain injury, a TBI. So I suggested she get a qEEG done which revealed to her for the first time that a portion of her brain had not healed from the injury she sustained 20 years earlier.

Linda needed to rewire her brain to grow new neurons in the traumatized parts of her brain, and to do it without the need for invasive, often ineffective, deep brain stimulation. I designed a course of Brain Rewiring exercises for her using some very clever Neurotechnologies, including tDCS and Neurofeedback, which began immediately to improve her sleep, her memory and her tremor.

As a result, she has since experienced a surge of Post-Traumatic Growth that continues to improve her concentration, accelerate her intellectual development and help her function at peak mental performance.

Linda now works with her patients without fearing she will fall asleep, she is much more active and comfortable in social circles and she laughs more too!

Change your brain ~ Change your life