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The Science behind the Technologies

How does all this Rocket Science work?

Don’t panic: You just need a Rocket Scientist to Guide you through the complexity. That would be me :)

You are also going to need a Rocket Scientist to teach you how to simplify the complexity so you can understand the Science and feel empowered to use your technology anywhere, anytime you feel the need for it. That again would be me :) :)

Let’s take a walk through history.

Just 150 years ago, the standard medical approach to many ills and ailments of the time consisted in leeching and bleeding people, sometimes to death. Well documented and often featured in period films and theatre plays. It was all we knew.

Then came the industrial revolution and the institutionalizing of pharmacology. To this day, the favoured method of treating any medical condition is with pharmaceuticals. Is it any wonder that the pharmaceutical industry is so rich and powerful? Does this idea depress you? We have lots of pills for that too :)

Unbeknownst to almost all of us on this ever-evolving planet of ours, we have now entered the era of Third Millennium Star Trek Medicine.

We are in the process of transitioning from relying primarily on pharmaceuticals to using electrons and photons, of which we and everything around us are made, that are vastly improving our chances of living healthy lives, free of aches and pains, physiological and neurological disorders. We are moving towards better, safer, more targeted healing approaches that work without side effects.

Take me for example.

Trained in Electrical Engineering, Applied Psychology and Cybernetics (the study of large, messy, probabilistic, goal-oriented systems, like the brain and the body), I learned how the electrons and photons in nature interact with the electrons and photons in our brain and our body.

Back in 1973 (50 years ago!!), part of the requirements for my MSc was to run a full Electro Encephalogram (EEG) brain measurement clinic at a teaching hospital. During our clinic, we often had to calm a worried mother whose child may have had photo-epilepsy or suffered Grand Mal Seizures. We had to accurately glue all of the 20 EEG electrodes on the child’s head, collect the EEG data, read the EEG report, notate and highlight any abnormalities we found, and submit a full report to the supervising Physician. It was intense.

On graduating, I applied my nascent EEG knowledge to the emerging field of Fighter Aircraft Pilot and Cockpit Information load design. At British Aircraft Corporation we wanted to make the fighter pilot’s job easier. We built our own, very early, Brain Communication Interface by gluing EEG electrodes to the scalps of the pilots and connecting the output wires to a computer. We taught the computer to recognize the pilot’s brain’s ‘pull the trigger’ signal, and to pull the trigger for the pilot at the correct moment to hit the target BEFORE the pilot consciously knew it was time to pull the trigger!!

We got some very funny and shocked reactions! “Your brain decides what you are going to decide before you decide to decide it” was what we discovered. Your brain is in charge of what you experience consciously. When the pilots got used to this perspective, they got comfortable letting their brain and the computer take over some of the workload.

I had stumbled upon the field of Electro Stimulation. A science, it turns out, that has been practiced since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs, and that is now (!) being hailed as an important discovery of our Third Millennium as it gains quickly in popularity and in the number of effective applications and treatments for which it is being recognized.

Electro Stimulation

Did you know that if you were to conduct a brain scan on yourself, you would see different parts of your brain ‘light up’ for the different physical actions you were taking or the emotional feelings you were experiencing?

Did you know that neuroscientists have almost completely mapped those areas of the brain, and that we now know how to stimulate each area to produce a desired result (like changing a bad habit, for example, or repairing an ailing part of the body)? This is how Electrostimulation works its magic.

Of course, we have known for a long time that the signals sent and received by the brain are electrical in nature. It is no wonder, therefore, that so much research has been done in the last century to:

  • Learn how to modify these electrical signals to change unhealthy behaviour patterns
  • Train the brain to reprogram itself to correct what are sometimes called “deficits” by neuroscientists

All Electrostimulation technologies work at a cellular lever.

Sometimes, the stimulation targets certain parts of your brain to make it easier for your neurons to behave differently by using a transcranial Direct Current Stimulator (tDCS). The real trick with tDCS is to be able to design (a) effective montages and (b) contingent tasks to get (c) the effects you are after.

A montage is the arrangement of electrodes on your head.

A contingent task is a specifically designed activity that will drive traffic through the brain areas that need to be stimulated to produce the desired results.

A tDCS montage creates an electric field and a flow of electrons that ‘tickle’ and ‘wake up’ the neurons under your scalp. In this ‘woken up’ state, your neurons, and the sub-neural networks they are part of, immediately begin to behave and learn differently, and they reinforce and support the learning to be had from the contingent task. Then you begin to do remarkable things you did not think possible before and in an astonishingly short amount of time. Like rapidly improving your balance.

At other times, we may want the electrical stimulation to ‘talk’ to your brain as a whole and invite it to relax using a Cranial Electro Stimulator (CES).

This brain-calming device delivers small pulses of electrical current through the brain as a whole. These weak electrical pulses are typically applied bilaterally across the cranium via the placement of two small electrodes one on each side of the head.

CES enacts direct action on the brain via the brain stem, the limbic system, the reticular activating system and/or the hypothalamus. This, in turn, affects neurotransmitter production and your Default-Mode Network (DMN). If you are feeling ‘up tight’ you would use CES to unwind and relax.

At yet other times, you may want to soothe pain and repair an injury using a Micro Electric Therapy (MET) instrument. MET ‘talks’ to the body’s pain receptors and helps turn the pain signals down or off.

All the Technologies I recommend to my clients are FDA approved medical grade instruments that can be used whenever they need them in the comfort of their own home. The energies involved are so safe, they would barely light a Christmas Tree bulb!

If you would like to know more about the Science of Electrostimulation, start with the extraordinary book “The Body Electric” by Dr. Robert Becker. Dr. Becker was a distinguished medical doctor, healer and researcher in electrophysiology and electromedicine, and a former orthopedic surgeon for the US Army Veterans Affairs. His thoughts on the electrical nature of cellular regeneration will help you get a better grasp on the field of Electrostimulation.

Photo Bio Modulation

Photobiomodulation (PBM) is another cutting-edge technique in healthcare. PBM utilizes low-intensity laser or LED light to stimulate cellular processes, promote tissue repair, improve psychological conditions, heal wounds, reduce pain and treat other physical conditions.

These are the areas of the body that can be helped by Photobiomodulation.

Until four years ago, I had no idea that I can photosynthesize light just like the leaf of a tree does! Think about it, you and I can eat PHOTONS! Not only do our body’s cells literally eat photons, they use that photonic energy to build healthy tissue and make us strong. I am sure you can see why I followed this line of research and became a Biotechnologist. It is a natural extension of my work in Brain Reprogramming. Perhaps I should call it Bio Reprogramming :)

Welcome to the amazing field of Photobiomodulation!

The easiest way to start to think about the Biomagic of Photobiomodulation is to realize we have tiny nine-volt batteries inside every one of our cells, which power that cell and make it run.

This nine-volt battery is called a MITOCHONDRIA and it can eat and use the energy from photons as well as from regular food.

Not only are our mighty mitochondria important eaters of photons, there are other mechanisms at work inside our body that also use PHOTON energy.

In the intricate tapestry of human well-being, various elements such as nutrition, exercise and light are deeply interwoven. As research continues to unveil the profound influence of light on cellular function, this ground-breaking approach emerges by harnessing specific wavelengths of light and unlocking a multifaceted array of benefits that reach the very core of our cellular machinery.

PBM stimulates the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within the mitochondria, instigating the healing of damaged cells and accelerating the generation of new cells. The mitochondria, often referred to as the "powerhouses of the cell" play a pivotal role in the function of internal organs, including the heart, liver, skin and muscles. Working in synergy with ATP, they maintain cell growth and the cell cycle, making them central to our overall health.

Photobiomodulation's impact on our bodies involves a complex interplay of various factors. For example, LED light at different wavelengths enters our cells, stimulating the production of ATP, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Nitric Oxide (NO), which set off a cascade of cellular healing effects.

The diversity of PBM applications offers a versatile range of benefits and applications, addressing both superficial and deep cellular levels. Red light wavelengths enhance collagen and elastin production, promoting skin health and addressing various skin conditions. Meanwhile, near-infrared wavelengths enhance mitochondrial function, improve blood flow and enhance tissue oxygenation, penetrating deep into the body.

The transformative potential of PBM extends far beyond the cellular level, impacting various bodily systems. It influences the fascia, connecting organs, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, thereby improving communication within this intricate network.

Additionally, PBM positively influences the gut-brain axis, enhances immune responses, bolsters circulatory systems, aids nervous system recovery and stimulates stem cell growth, offering promise in treating neurodegenerative conditions.

All Photobiomodulation devices use the same Mechanisms of Action in the body to create their magic whether it be waking up pluripotent stems cells in the shins or repairing a brain injury the same underlying mechanisms are at work.

While PBM may seem like a recent discovery, its roots trace back millennia. However, it was only in the past two decades that breakthroughs in LED lighting technology made safe and affordable PBM devices accessible to both clinical settings and homes.

The future is looking better every day.

Over the coming years, powerful Brain Enhancing and Reprogramming technologies like CES, together with powerful Body Healing technologies like PBM, will continue to enter the market and change the landscape of modern medicine. Neuroscience and Biosciences will continue to expand across many domains and technologies.

We are already seeing tantalizing possibilities and superior results by combining PHOTONS with ELECTRONS.

Another tantalizing modality is the combination of very strong permanent magnetic fields with photons and electrons that promise to produce even yet more superior health outcomes.

As technology advances, these modalities will become more precise, accessible, and customizable, providing patients with tailored treatment options that minimize unwanted side effects.

The idea that we can already mix and match these incredibly powerful and super safe technologies and protocols with unprecedented success gives me hope that we can slow the progress of our most debilitating modern ailments and soon defeat them altogether.

We really do live in exciting and interesting times!

If the idea of substantially and permanently improving the way you think, act and feel excites you, please send me a quick message and I will respond within the next 24 business hours.