Psychic Acupuncture


Do you know how to move blood around your body, using just your mind, to help heal an injury, soothe pain, relieve inflammation, calm your brain …?

If so, do you remember to do it when you need to?

If not, would you like to know how?

It’s very easy.

Yogis have known how to do this for millennia. Have you ever wondered how they can sit motionless and meditate for hours in subzero temperatures in the Himalayas? By moving their blood around, they can change their metabolism at will.

I learnt the basic technique years ago. It’s called Psychic Acupuncture. Anyone can do it. No, I haven’t gone to the extreme of sitting in subzero temperatures for hours, but I have used and taught the same principle many times to great effect.

Here is how it´s done

You will find the detailed steps in “Try this” below but I encourage you to watch this very short video first. It will tell you everything you want to know in less than 2 minutes.

I still remember the first time I learned this technique from my Yoga teacher. I was so shocked to feel the tingling under that imaginary needle poised over the palm of my hand.

How could it be tingling? There’s nothing there! There is no needle!

Ahhh, that is the magic of our imagination. Can you see the word magic hiding in there? It’s not there by accident.

What’s the Point, you ask?

Hmmm, clever!

You have just learnt to move blood into the surface of your hand using nothing but the power of your thought.

Most importantly, you now know how to do this to soothe and heal any part of your body that’s hurting … including your brain.

Got an upset stomach? A sore knee? A nasty bruise (on your brain, perhaps, from a concussion long ago)?

Use this simple technique to move blood to the ailing part and feel the soothing heat repair the damaged cells under the needle. In brief, the increased flow of blood provides those cells with the extra nutrients and oxygen they need to heal.

It’s not a cure all, of course, it’s a healing accelerator.

I had one client who had had a stroke and used what he called his ‘MPA’ (Magic Psychic Acupuncture) to speed up his healing by moving blood into the lesion area. He often did it during his neurofeedback treatments and he halved the normal recovery time from this type of injury.

If you’ve never done this before, I guarantee you will be blown away when you find yourself actually moving blood around your body by simply using your imagination. Remember to see the word MAGIC hiding inside your iMAGInation.

Quick tip: If you can’t ‘get it’ after a few goes, ask a little kid to show you I often show kids how to do it. They love it. The look of surprise and wonder on their faces is priceless.

Just between us: You don’t actually need a needle, you can just focus your attention on the ailing shoulder, toe, bruise, concussion … and “imagine” blood flowing to it and you will begin to feel the pain or discomfort ease off. But it’s easier with a needle.

Try this:

Here are the steps so you can scan them quickly when you need a reminder in the future. I heartily recommend you first watch the short demo video above. It will make it way easier to get the picture

  1. Take a deep breath and press your thumb against your forefinger on both hands and bring them together.
  2. Focus on the small hole between the tips of your thumbs and forefingers and imagine you are holding a sharp needle.
  3. Pull your hands apart about 2 inches. Can you still see the sharp needle?
  4. Open one hand while still holding the needle in the other hand.
  5. Bring the tip of that very sharp needle closer and closer to the palm of your open hand. About 2 mm. Be careful, don’t prick yourself
  6. Focus on the tingling or warming feeling building up under the needle.
  7. Now make ever widening circles on the palm of your hand with the needle until the whole palm of your hand tingles and feels warm.
  8. Now do the whole flat of your hand.
  9. Turn over your hand and ‘paint’ the back of your hand with the needle.
  10. You are now wearing an energy glove. Feel it.
  11. Shake it out and repeat until you are proficient.

When you’ve got the hang of it, place your energy glove on an area of your body that needs some TLC to help and accelerate the healing process. Or simply place the imaginary needle over the area to increase the blood flow and begin the repairing work.

That’s it. Easy Peasy!

Let me know how it goes for you.

NEEDLEss to say (I had to )

  • Have you ever been pricked by an imaginary needle?
  • Do you suffer from trypanophobia?
  • Could you use a little easy peasy help for a change?

Post your questions or answers below and read what others are saying.

What I’m Watching:

Another little gem, ladies and gentlemen.

You are going to really like this video because it follows on nicely from the idea of being able to heal ourselves by moving blood around our body and our brain using the Psychic Acupuncture exercise.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD, asks the question “Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?” Plenty of it, it turns out.



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