How to Rewire your Brain to End Addiction

Dan was a handsome womanizer addicted to the hunt for sex. Dan also drank way too much, he was under scrutiny by his country’s financial securities agencies, he was very close to bankruptcy, his wife was suffering extreme anxiety, his kids were going crazy, his life was a MESS. One day he read about our success with reprogramming the brain and developing one’s mind, and something clicked inside his head.

He realized how much he was hurting himself and his family, that he was really close to losing everything he cared for and that he needed to start turning things around right away. Like Old Yella in this whimsical story, he had had enough.

Right from our very first conversation, Dan understood how quickly and easily he could use Neuroplasticity, his Brain Elasticity, to expand his emotional intelligence and turbo-boost his intellectual development. He could reawaken his mind, improve his concentration and get himself and his family out of hell.

How powerful are addictions?

I suspect you already know how miserably destructive an addiction can be. Addictions destroy people, they destroy families, they destroy lives. It doesn’t matter if it involves overeating, drinking to excess, using drugs regularly or turning to sex or violence, we live inside our brains and we can be very clever and skilled at concealing things from ourselves. We can lie to ourselves so well, we believe our own lies.

We have very powerful pleasure circuits in our brains that were essential to our success as a species 100,000 years ago. Unfortunately, these same circuits can get hijacked in our world of today.

For the longest time, success (the achievement of a difficult goal) and pleasure, were intimately connected … when we succeeded, we needed a strong boost of pleasure brain chemicals to make sure that we learned fast and repeated those successful behaviours in the future.

Our modern world makes it very easy for these powerful yet simple brain circuits to get turned on and if we are not careful, we can become hyper-aroused and crave more and more of those ‘feel good’ brain chemicals to keep getting the same high as before.

It was the cravings that were driving Dan crazy. They were driving his life. He could not consciously stop them.

How do you defeat addictions?

Dan needed to get these hyperactive brain circuits under control. Everything else was secondary. So he started to use our Brain Stimulation Program to calm down the cravings and help his brain function at its optimal peak performance.

As new connections were being made in his brain, old ones were weakening and disconnecting, dissipating the cravings and giving him a renewed sense of calm, joyfulness and satisfaction. He could start to focus on the important things in his life.

I taught him to dehypnotize himself of the senseless beliefs that had created the cravings in the first place. With new healthy beliefs solidly anchored in his mind, it quickly became easier to calm down his brain and his body down anytime he wanted or needed to. 

Dan was also having trouble sleeping because the cravings had kept him far too hyper for too long. So I taught him how to use each sleep cycle to reprogram his brain and anchor each lesson to run on automatic while he slept.

Free of the cravings, he was able to set very achievable but stretch goals and turn his life around in a very short time. Today, Dan is a happy family man and his finances are secure.

Change your brain ~ Change your life