Superboost your Brain Instantly

Wouldn’t you like to be able to ‘dial up’ calmness when you feel overstressed? Or to access the alertness and energy you feel after your first morning coffee, WITHOUT the caffeine?  Or a shot of extra creativity when you need it?

“Dialing up” calmness?  Energy?  Creativity?  Indeed. Welcome to the wonderful world of powerful, non-invasive, do-it-yourself-anytime electrostimulation.  Oh, the things you can do with a little box with two earclips and a 9V battery!

When I was first introduced to the mental health benefits of Cranial Electro Stimulation, I must admit that my first reaction went something like this: What?!? You want me to pass weak electrical currents through my brain?!?  I had visions of the horrible shock treatments that were used for decades in mental institutions. Not for me, I thought.

Yet, I was intrigued by the growing body of proven scientific evidence that was showing that passing very small carefully ‘sculpted’ pulses of electrical current through the brain could, within minutes, entrain and entertain the neurons in my brain to produce amazingly beneficial health effects. And that made sense to me because you see, before deciding to go into Behavioural Psychology, I had completed my first degree in, of all things, Electrical Engineering.  Did I think at the time that I would be marrying these two very distinct disciplines into a powerful, yet benign brain boosting treatment for my clients? Not a chance.

So I put my research cap on and went looking for enlightenment. And what I found blew me away. Going back 2000 years ago, the philosopher and physician Galen was using electric eels to successfully treat a variety of ailments including melancholia, depression and epilepsy. Similarly, in 43 AD, Scribonius Largus, a Roman physician, used electric torpedo fish to treat various ailments including headache and gout.

Imagine that!  We already knew of the benefits of electrostimulation 2000 years ago! Alas the Big Pharmas came along with their opioids and we forgot all about this marvelous natural technology.  No money in it, you see?

Fortunately, some brilliant scientists persisted in the belief that we were silly to let this important knowledge go to waste, especially in the face of the alarmingly increasing incidence of high stress, anxiety, anger, depression, PTSD, ADD and many more of these prevalent acronyms in our modern day society.  So they went to work.

Well over 300 clinical studies spanning 60+ years and over 25 devices were conducted, extensive analyses were completed, they were cross-referenced into effect-size, then compared to the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs. This provided ample physiological evidence of the safe beneficial effects of CES on the brain and the wide and varied applications that could be self-administered by pretty well anyone in the general public. In other words, we did not need the blessing or the assistance or a costly prescription from someone with an MD after their name.

Today there are some 40 different manufacturers of CES devices, each using their own proprietary frequencies and waveform types. They all work on the same principle of applying small, very faint electrical fields across the head to produce different types of outcomes from calming the brain to brightening it. And they are readily available for purchase at a small cost virtually around the world.

What then do you use CES for?

Cranial Electro Simulation offers an abundance of useful and beneficial applications to improve our mental and physical health.

CES has been shown to improve symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, drug addiction, pain and many cognitive dysfunctions.

CES is fast becoming an important part of the therapeutic “tool chest” of clinicians working with generalized cognitive challenges, mood disorders and pain. More importantly, it can be used readily, safely, easily and effectively by anyone wanting to improve their own enjoyment of life and their performance at school, at work, in sports and in many other disciplines.

And the best part is that most CES devices are relatively inexpensive.

For more information on Electrostimulation and other health enhancing neurotechnologies, go here.

Change your brain ~ Change your life