Depression & The Elderly

Reprogramming Depression

Depression is an awful thing. Studies show that depression affects 1 in 10 people at one point or another, and that 80% of the people who have symptoms of clinical depression do not receive any treatment. There is a stigma attached to depression, and so we don’t talk about it. We suffer in silence. When we seek help, it is generally given in the form of prescription medicine whose symptoms and addictiveness often vastly outweigh the benefits. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When she was referred to me, Diane was 54 years old. She had been ‘clinically depressed’ since the age of 20 when she suffered a head injury. She described her life as a living hell for 34 years, and how it deeply affected the lives of her busy business owner husband and of her large extended family. She was using very heavy medication, was over-weight and was prone to outbursts of anger, tears, long dark days of sadness and depression, and occasionally violence. She couldn’t live with herself.

Fortunately, she was very responsive to a number of the Brain Reprogramming tools we describe on our Technologies page. Over a period of a few months, I worked with Diane to gradually get her off her meds, improve her sleep and take an interest in the world around her for the first time in decades. At first, she was disappointed that so much of her life had passed her by, she felt a bit like Rip Van Winkle. She could not use a bank machine or an automatic checkout machine at the grocery store or find her way in traffic by herself. I taught her how to quickly rebuild her procedural memory and her ability to plan and execute on that plan.

She began to travel. She got her first passport ever and took her first international trip totally on her own, and now visits long lost relatives all over the US and the UK. Then she started taking art classes and to travel to various locations to improve her artistic skills. Her husband’s business has doubled its revenue since he no longer has to take time off work to care for Diane. More importantly, her grandchildren got their Grandma back and let me tell you, it was very touching to get cards from her grandchildren thanking me for giving them their grandma back.

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