Seniors and Insomnia

Reprogramming Insomnia

Chronic insomnia is a HUGE problem and it’s not going away. There are lots of causes of insomnia, many of them only now being researched by scientists who are discovering that we hardly understand sleep at all.  Yet we can’t underestimate the importance and power of sleep. Sleep is essential to our ability to live a vitally fulfilling life. There is no way around it.

Kelly came to me complaining that she was falling asleep during the day when she was meant to be awake and alert during important business meetings. She wasn’t sleeping well at night. Her insomnia was affecting her memory and she was getting increasingly forgetful. The brain uses sleep to consolidate and organize all of our experiences. If we do not sleep, our brains cannot perform this essential function.

As we started working together, Kelly confessed that she spent a lot of the night with ‘Monkey Mind’. You have ‘Monkey Mind’ when you cannot shut the distressing chatter up in your head when you are meant to be falling asleep. Kelly had gotten so expert at having ‘Monkey Mind’, she began to get phobic and terrified of going to bed because she couldn't stand the constant chatter that was driving her crazy.

Has this ever happened to you?

I taught Kelly an easy fun way to hypnotize herself to sleep. At the same time, I showed her how to use a Cranial Electro Stimulator before she went to bed to calm her brain down, stop the chatter and produce more feel-good endorphins and calming neurotransmitters. She noticed a difference almost right away. At first, she couldn't believe that it would be that easy but in a week she noticed that her sleeping patterns were shifting and shifting for the better. Her “Monkey Mind” continued to dissipate. Her sleep became more and more deep and refreshing. She felt energized, alert and able to function normally at work. And she gradually regained her memory, which was a very big plus for her.

Sound Familiar?
Change your brain ~ Change your life

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